About IAC

In the last 20 years, IAC has managed a portfolio of infrastructure and investment projects financed with a value of more than 45,000 million USD, obtaining savings, economic optimization and additional economic benefits not provided by origin for more than 4,000 million USD.

Our experience, interdisciplinary technical capacity (in civil, mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation, chemistry) and a great understanding of the financial, legal and normative framework applicable to public and private works, provides our clients with the tools and strategies to identify , Negotiate and defend in their favor in the most appropriate terms the peculiarities that are presented in their contracts, reducing economic and financial risks during the execution or contracting of their projects, while increasing the estimated economic benefit of origin.


2000 - Founded in Mexico City

2000 First power T&D project and first airport construction supervision project

2000 First supervision contract for highway´s operation & maintenance

2002 Hidroelectrical project CFE Chicoasén

2004 - First water project

Planta de osmosis inversa en la IPP de la CT “Naco Nogales”

2004 First foreign project

La Habana Cuba Water Treatment Plant “Bacchus”

2006 First industry & manufacturing project

Bombardier Aerospace Park of Queretaro

2007 “Aqueduct II” Querétaro

Executive supervision of engineering, construction, procurement, and commissioning.

2008 Hydroelectric Power Station “GURI”

2001 to 2010 More than 12 projects of transmission lines and electric subestations.

2010 Nuclear Power Plant “Laguna Verde” (Repowering)

2010 Hydroelectric Power Station “La Yesca”

2011 Waste Water Treatment Plants Agua Prieta and Atotonilco

2012 Oaxaca and Jalisco Windfarms - VESTAS

2014 Monterrey Metro Line 3

2011 to 2015 Manufacturing facilities & Building of JFK and New Contintent Schools

2015 Geothermal Power Station “Los Humeros”

2015 Miltla - Entronque Tehuantepec II Highway and South of Guadalajara Freeway

2012 to 2016 Sea water Desalination Plant in Chile (Candelaria, Sierra gorda y Huechún)

2016 Michelin Industrial Park

2017 - Mexico City New International Airport

Terminal Building and Runway 3

2017- Cogeneration Plant FEMSA in San Juan del Río

Supervision Services of the Executive Project, Construction, Procurement, and Commissioning

2017 - Salamanca Leon Highway

Project management and technical consulting services, cost control and cost evaluation and follow up services.


Contract Management Services and recovery of Administrative Expenses.

2020 Bogotá, Colombia Aqueduct and Sewer.

Comprehensive supervision of the Construction of the Matrix Handle of Aqueduct and Complementary Works.

National and International Presence

Main Clients